At this time of year, we spend a lot of time on them.

~Things to buy.
~Things to bake.
~Things to mail.
~Things to change on January 1st.

And things we want.

That’s the one I like to check twice.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things. It’s fun. I love getting and giving stuff from and to the folks I love.

But in the end, stuff isn’t what really sparks us.

This year, why not try making a “want” list of thoughts that will serve you better, bolster you, make you feel better in your skin?

Notice I didn’t say a “wish” list. Wants are different, for your brain and body. They’re resolute and intentional, and place you in a mindset of purpose. Wishing to think differently injects hope along with the notion that it may never come to pass. But wants make us lean in, look ahead, sharpen our focus and commitment. They empower us to think differently, in ways that serve us better.

And here’s the kicker: This is a list you don’t have to share in the hope that you’ll get one or all items. It can be long, lofty, and meaty. And the follow-through is entirely up to YOU.


Once you make and practice the thoughts on your “want” list, you can change the way you feel in your skin, the way you present yourself to others, the way you do relationships, work, life. The more you practice them, the more automatic they will become, and the better you’ll feel.

If, for example, you find yourself wishing that you could have deeper, more meaningful and open conversations with loved ones, maybe your list will include:

“I want to pursue deeper, more meaningful and open conversations with _______.” 

This will shift your brain into action, to bold decisiveness, to follow-through. It will start the ball of change rolling, rather than leaving it up to happenstance.

Or, if you’re wishing you could have more visibility at work, you may add:

“I want to find ways to highlight my unique skill set to my manager, so that they will be more aware of my commitment and work ethic.”

Feel the difference between wants and wishes?

Finally, if you’re wishing for more kindness to be expressed within your circle of influence, why not add these thoughts?

“I want to make things better where I can.”
“I want to volunteer at my local food bank once a month.”
“I want to be more involved in my community.”

When it comes to “want” thoughts, the list really does go on and on. And what makes it powerful is the fact that you have total control. You can choose the thoughts, practice them, and then put them into action.

If you’re looking for holiday magic, this is a great place to start. Because each of us deserves to feel good in our skin, to feel empowered to improve our experience, to think thoughts that serve, nurture, and delight us.

Whatever you celebrate this season, I wish you peace, love, and connection with people and thoughts that fuel your spark.

Every thought is a possibility.

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