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Nancy Burger takes audiences on a journey of discovery about what’s possible and how thoughts are choices that directly impact those possibilities. A master at simplifying complex concepts, Nancy weaves together storytelling and the fundamentals of neuroscience, inspiring audiences to re-examine and reframe self-limiting and negative thought patterns.

An executive coach, consultant, and founder of The Fear Finding Project, Nancy guides leaders, teams, and organizations to build emotionally healthy cultures and strong communication dynamics. Her talks delve into the process through which we choose thoughts and how it influences our performance, self-concept, and life experience.

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Session Descriptions

  • Who Do You Think You Are?: In this 50-minute keynote, Nancy invites the audience to take a closer look at how they view their own performance and measure personal success. Using story and evidence-based concepts, she masterfully threads the needle on how we choose thoughts based on our own unique set of life experiences and what can happen when we believe instead of challenge them. The audience will learn that they have the power—right now—to change their experience by understanding how limiting belief patterns form and gain traction.
  • The Art of the Difficult Conversation: In this interactive talk, Nancy outlines actionable strategies for navigating any uncomfortable interaction. Beginning with a brief, user-friendly explanation of the brain’s wiring, she explains the process through which we can navigate tense interactions with more ease, confidence, and skill.
  • Reigniting Your Young Genius: As young geniuses, we are constantly faced with opportunities to explore and discover, to try and fail. When do we stop trusting that part of ourselves and start letting limiting beliefs take over? It starts with the thoughts we choose. But we can choose differently and change our brain’s wiring, to show up for ourselves in a more empowered way. In this talk, Nancy takes the audience on a journey to recapture that young genius mindset, to embrace what’s possible.


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Working With Nancy

What You Get

When you book Nancy for your event:

  • You will schedule a short discovery call to ensure that Nancy is the right fit for your audience and event.
  • Once a proposal is accepted, Nancy’s team will send a contract for signature (a 50% deposit will be required to hold a date).
  • Nancy’s team will send a pre-event questionnaire to gather information and ensure a smooth and seamless experience for both the event planner(s) and the audience.
  • Nancy will communicate with the event planner(s) throughout her travel to keep everyone informed.
  • Travel expenses will be built into Nancy’s fee structure and travel arrangements will be handled by her team to simplify the process and reduce paperwork.
  • Nancy will arrive one hour before her scheduled speaking time for a tech check.


How do I book Nancy?

Click here to schedule a discovery call to ensure that Nancy is the right choice for your audience/event.

What is Nancy’s speaking fee?

Virtual events: From $7,000 to $15,000

In-person events: From $10,000 to $25,000

Keynotes: From $30,000

What topics does Nancy speak about?

Click here for session descriptions.

Where does Nancy travel from?

Nancy is US-based and travels from Boston, Massachusetts.

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