“As an effective fear strategist for individuals and teams, Nancy has no competition.”

Jeffrey Davis, CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy and author, TRACKING WONDER: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity

“Nancy was a gift for the Sip Session audience. She led a conversation about the topic of fear that had all attendees spellbound by their own discoveries provoked by her gentle, but structured approach to a challenging topic. Even months later, attendees still reference her session.”

Brent Robertson, Co-founder of Fathom, Creator of Sip Sessions, Creator of Purpose Practiced

“Nancy’s guidance and insight on the nature of fear and how it manifests in our lives has helped me better understand my own experience and behavior. She offers powerful, actionable strategies that I use often, and her talks are engaging and easy to follow. Nancy is authentic and very personable, so you feel connected to her immediately. It never feels like a lecture or like you’re are reading manual…but rather like talking with someone you have known and trusted. My favorite new tool is now ‘manifesting positive outcomes.’”

Monika S.

“Nancy’s approach to identifying and reframing fear-based thought patterns is novel and effective for organizations and leaders looking to create strong communication flow, innovation and productivity. Her presentation style is accessible and engaging, and the programs offer actionable strategies for effecting lasting change in workplace dynamics and long-term organization value.”

Justin C., Partner, Registered Investment Advisory firm

“Nancy’s messaging around fear has been extremely helpful in allowing me to reduce the intimidation around fears and approach them head on with the understanding that they can become a launch pad into more creative and constructive personal growth. Her clear-cut, step-by-step guidance around having hard conversations has supported me through several challenging and sensitive situations I’ve worked through.”

Donna S.

“Nancy helped me understand the fears I was facing in my professional life. Nancy’s coaching led me to discover assumptions I was making about my level of skill and performance that were based on false narratives in my mind. The fears were actually somewhat paralyzing, preventing me from being fully effective. Nancy’s clear and ingenious approach to identifying fact version fiction not only proved enlightening, but also led to my developing stronger and more effective communication skills. The burden of these fears has completely evaporated and I’m so much more productive. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s fears are holding them back.”

Maureen Decker, Financial Advisor

“Nancy helps her clients understand the fears they are facing in their professional lives so they can move forward toward achieving the individualized goals she develops with them. Most notable is her use of Self to create a connection with all parts of her clients, and to foster them to do the same. Her coaching leads her clients to discover assumptions they are making about their level of skill and performance that are also based on false and limiting narratives. She addresses immobilizing fears that are preventing professional and personal success. Nancy’s clear, compassionate, and thoughtful approach to identifying problem-saturated narratives shifts her clients into those that are solution-focused and Self-led. I would highly recommend her to anyone whose fears are holding them back.”

Maryann Hayes LaBella, M.A. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Director and Administrator, Koslow Center For MFT, Fairfield University

“Nancy’s presentation on how to navigate fear-based thinking in the workplace clearly resonated with our alumni. Her FEAR Formula provided specific, actionable steps participants could take to manage their fears and anxiety. I’ve received so many positive messages from attendees telling me how valuable they found the session and how much they appreciated her energy and enthusiasm for this topic.”

Melissa Samuels, Director of Alumni Programs, University at Albany

“Nancy’s workshop on the topic of Challenging Conversations is relevant and timely. Nancy is a compelling speaker with a warm presentation style that kept the audience interested, and her strategies made sense and resonated. As the host of the workshop, I received positive feedback and requests for future opportunities to participate in workshops with Nancy.”

Joan O’Brien Law, Consultant Organizer

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